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My Pen

This is my pen. It’s black And I bought it for $2.90. But you know, pens have potential. They write my essays and Get me through high school. I fiddle with them when I’m bored, but Pens have power. They … Continue reading

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Her Writer’s Block

She sits at the wooden rectangle, Scratching her messy locks, From her ears two birds dangle, And she stares at a glowing box. A white veil lay before her, Its pristine, blank complexion, Hiding the small black letters, That were … Continue reading

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I May Be Far From Home

I may be far from home and sea Beyond my beach’s sand Far past my pale, grey gum trees Dotting my calm land. Far from my sands of red Beyond the cool, damp earth Far past soft double bed Which … Continue reading

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What I See Out My Window

Gazing out my window I see the world outside Both when it’s bathed in daylight, And wrapped in lullaby. I see her when it rains, Even though it’s very dim And I see her when she glows, Pure smile free … Continue reading

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Place of myth

Deep under the sandy seabed Lay a place of myth. Forged from the fearful tales Of creatures from seas above.   Dark it was, and cold. Filled with cells of old. Contained with fragile bars of mould, There lay the … Continue reading

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Emmett Till

He was from way up north, Chicago That boy named Emmet Till. He’d come to visit relatives And he received quite a chill, When he got to that old town Money The white ghosts only meant him ill. So one … Continue reading

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This Was My Home

A glance out the window revealed the outside world, combining strong, vivid colours with more dull, modest hues, together complimenting each other in the warm landscape. Bright rays of sunshine echoed through the hillside, displaying rolling green hills with jagged, … Continue reading

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I’ve taken so many turns, Gone ’round roundabouts, Tried both left and right, Attempting to follow the path of good. This road that I travel has countless detours, And wickedness sets many tempting traps. But bathed in the light of … Continue reading

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Slip of Paper

I live in a noisy town Filled with noisy people. The screeching of the broken wheels, The chewing of tobacco. The banging of the pots and pans. The whistling of the birds. The screaming babies. Whining children, And internal groaning … Continue reading

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Once I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then a horse trainer. Then perhaps a lawyer, or an accountant. It’s true. I did once aspire to become one of these. But the truth is, I simply don’t know anymore. I don’t … Continue reading

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