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Place of myth

Deep under the sandy seabed Lay a place of myth. Forged from the fearful tales Of creatures from seas above.   Dark it was, and cold. Filled with cells of old. Contained with fragile bars of mould, There lay the … Continue reading

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This Was My Home

A glance out the window revealed the outside world, combining strong, vivid colours with more dull, modest hues, together complimenting each other in the warm landscape. Bright rays of sunshine echoed through the hillside, displaying rolling green hills with jagged, … Continue reading

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I’ve taken so many turns, Gone ’round roundabouts, Tried both left and right, Attempting to follow the path of good. This road that I travel has countless detours, And wickedness sets many tempting traps. But bathed in the light of … Continue reading

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Fear of the Immortal

She tore through the alley, ducked into a doorway and tried to squeeze into nothingness. Her short gasps echoed through the darkness. She could sense him. His presence. A deathly cold fear tensed through her body, rendering her paralysed on … Continue reading

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Slip of Paper

I live in a noisy town Filled with noisy people. The screeching of the broken wheels, The chewing of tobacco. The banging of the pots and pans. The whistling of the birds. The screaming babies. Whining children, And internal groaning … Continue reading

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Once I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then a horse trainer. Then perhaps a lawyer, or an accountant. It’s true. I did once aspire to become one of these. But the truth is, I simply don’t know anymore. I don’t … Continue reading

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Upon the Battlefield

Upon the battlefield I hear his piercing cry of pain. These sounds, they stab my soul Again and again… As bloody bayonets Spear pure hearts of truth. While the bullets fall like rain And men fall on Death’s fatal tooth. … Continue reading

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The Dawn of Understanding

He cries to the heavens from Earth, “Shamed is the man who cannot be without her!” He yells to hell from peace, “Greedy is the woman who steals the man’s heart and takes what she will from his home!” He … Continue reading

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My Lover

My lover’s lips are beautiful, Their face like chiseled marble. My lover’s eyes are soft and warm, Their hair falls as curtains of silk. My lover’s laugh is tinkling bells, Their sorrow is short-lived. But one thing rules, My lover’s … Continue reading

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Lover’s Lips

The fire on thy lover’s lips, Is measured in the frantic heartbeats Of thy lover’s heart.

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