I’ve taken so many turns,
Gone ’round roundabouts,
Tried both left and right,
Attempting to follow the path of good.

This road that I travel has countless detours,
And wickedness sets many tempting traps.
But bathed in the light of my God,
He drives away the evil and I am again clean.

But night must fall,
All is dark and the sky is black.
The road becomes dim,
And only candle-flame lights the way.

There are no footprints to follow,
No divine being present,
To lead me through this night.

I find myself at a crossroads.

Which path do I take?
The left or the right,
The steep or the easy?
The fair or the just?

When there is no one to lead me,
No bright light to guide my way,
How can I see,
The better road in this midnight?

He is light,
But there is no moon tonight.
No stars to guide my way.

Then a flicker, a spark,
A comment, an act,
A hug, a kiss,
A whisper on the breeze.

A helping hand,
A kind word, a smile,
Weighs on my candle and
Tips me to one way.

Trusting in my one God,
I turn my feet to there,
Hoping and hoping,
That I am right,
And will have no regrets.

Then a push, a nudge,
Helps me,
Comforts me,
Moves me,
And I am on my way.

As it told me,
I go to the right,
And there I see
The light of the next day.

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