Slip of Paper

I live in a noisy town
Filled with noisy people.
The screeching of the broken wheels,
The chewing of tobacco.
The banging of the pots and pans.
The whistling of the birds.

The screaming babies.
Whining children,
And internal groaning of the adults.
The clacking hooves of horses
Coupled with tolling bells of church.
This noisy,
Insistent town, like a seller selling goods,
Can be heard to the furthest outskirts.

I’d take this noisy town any day.
If it means I can avoid the crying,
That comes with a double-scoop of sorrow.

Yes, I’d take this noisy town any day,
If it keeps that single slip of paper.
Far, far away.

This ‘single slip of paper’ refers to the letters that were sent home to one’s family during wars, often stating “killed in action” or “missing in action”.

A tribute to the WWI 100 years.

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