Once I wanted to be a veterinarian. Then a horse trainer.
Then perhaps a lawyer, or an accountant. It’s true.
I did once aspire to become one of these.
But the truth is, I simply don’t know anymore.

I don’t know if I should ‘go big’ and try out for a politician,
Or simply be one of the small, quiet people who silently earn great achievements.
I don’t know if I should dedicate myself to be someone in other people’s eyes,
Or someone in my eyes.

I don’t know if I should think about my future, or the future of others.
Whether I should earn a large salary, to live a comfortable yet busy life,
Or find happiness on my own,
And in my own time.

The reality is, some of these questions could never truly be answered.
Yet, from the smallest volunteer to the most important Prime Minister,
I believe we each have a part to play. A purpose to be served.
A story to tell.

Like each atom in an already microscopic cell,
Every single one is required to make it a red cell,
An immune cell,
Or even a stem cell.

We are all needed.
It’s what makes us us.
United, as one people.
The People of Earth.

I believe we can achieve anything. Do anything.
We beat together,
Billions of hearts,
As one.

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