The Dawn of Understanding

He cries to the heavens from Earth,
“Shamed is the man who cannot be without her!”
He yells to hell from peace,
“Greedy is the woman who steals the man’s heart and takes what she will from his home!”
He shrieks, red-faced to a distant land to the clouds above,
“What could this devil-work be?”

A booming voice answers from the clouds,
“Grateful is the man who loves her!”
A sly voice answers from the deep,
“Generous is the woman who gives the man what he on his own desires”
A voice of thousands sounded from beyond the sea and sky,
“A love, perhaps partially a devil-work, is nevertheless a masterpiece”
A child’s voice whispered below him,
“Joyful is the child whose parents love him and whom he may love in return”

He looks down and sees
his past,
his present,
and his future.
“Just remember to love yourself” he whispers.

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